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Using scientifically based thinking during the development of our products and services we spare our customers bitter experiences with inconvenient products. This approach and the openness and flexibility of our products have made us inimitable.

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Simutech is a technical bureau for software development and services in the IT sector. We concentrate on

Simutech has been founded in 1988 by Dr. Ronald Ruzicka aiming mainly at the development of simulation software and model studies. Meanwhile the development of database desktops and the internet/e-commerce area have grown to equally important fields. Last not least we work on projects using C/C++, Java and Oracle™-tools.

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SIMUTECHDipl.-Ing.Dr.techn. Ronald Ruzicka - Simulationtechnique
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AddressAtzgersdorferstr. 32
A-1230 Vienna, Austria
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Office times in ViennaMo-Th 9:00-16:30, Fr 9:00-14:00 CET

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