Austrian Thermal Power Energy Data System


All kinds of data

ATPEDS is designed for collecting, administrating, evaluating and presenting all kinds of data, which appear during the operation of thermal power plants.

  • energy production and consumption (contracted, real amount),
  • fuel and material management,
  • environmental and chemical,
  • proceeds and costs

Data is collected in time steps from some minutes to years. Data import uses different sources: controlling systems, counters, foreign data bases, e-mails, manual input. All values are stored in a data base.

Display and Input Dialogue
Power Plant OverView


Measured variables are well-structured in a hierarchical system: power plant / observed object / measured type. Access is granted based on this system or by so-called listgroups, which are freely definable sets of measured variables.


Data of power plants is in any case highly sensitive. Therefore ATPEDS takes care of data security and safety. Users of ATPEDS belong to different user roles, which have well defined access rights to single measurement variables and reports.

Formula Module

Using freely definable formulas and procedures new and changed values are automatically connected to new data series: algebraic computations as well as sums or stock values.

  • algebraic computation,
  • sums,
  • stock,
  • PL-SQL-procedures
Time Series Graphics
Monthly Report

Evaluation And Graphics

The evaluation of data contains statistics and data aggregation - paying special attention to the needs of the energy sector -, graphics, exports. Reports are produced using Oracle Reports and MS-Excel spread sheets.


ATPEDS ist web-based and runs on Oracle Application Server 10g and Oracle DBMS.
Example: 5000 measurement variables, 4000 formulas.
Option: Data access using SMS; HISalarm
ATPEDS has been developed for Verbund Austrian Thermal Power by Simutech.

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