the alarm and messaging module

HISalarm sends information on

  • the current state of an HIS'3D® database
  • the data values in the databasehis3D
  • processes in the HIS'3D® system

to a user or from the user to the database. It uses usual communication ways. HISalarm is fully integrated into HIS'3D® .
Alarm messages are defined in groups within the alarm central dialogue: who will be notified in which way, when an alarm state occurs.

HISalarm communication ways
Import with alarm signal definition

Feature Application:

After selecting an alarm group the user will be informed about several events in the application, for example:

  • completing of a longer lasting process
  • data checks during data import - as well with automatic reading of online data
    • boundary value violations (min/max, ascent)
    • inconsistence or wrong data values, etc.

Feature Order Transmission:

A user/administrator creates an order for a staff member (field service, car, ship, measurement station) using the station data module of HIS'3D® . The order is sent automatically to the SMS-number, which has been stored in the staff member's data set. The staff member acknowledges the start and the end of his work using an SMS call again. The state, date/time are stored automatically within the database.

Auftragsablauf per SMS

Remote Data Query:

The user sends a data query to the HISalarm server, using a mobile phone and SMS. He receives automatically an SMS with the desired values: measurement or station information, like coordinates.

Data query using SMS
Order position in a map

Order Transmission and GPS:

If the staff member in the field is supplied with a GPS device, his position can be automatically determined, received and then stored in the database. The position can be displayed in a map using the modules HISarc or eHIS InterStore.

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