Bondgraph Analysis Program Synthesis

BAPS is a program system for presenting and analysing bondgraphs.

BAPS analyses linear and nonlinear bondgraphs and assigns causalities.

BAPS converts a BAPS-program into a simulation model, e.g. for SIMUL_R.

BAPSDRAW allows for the graphical creation of BAPS-programs.

The BAPS-language

describes the bondgraph in bond-notation in a textual way.

Modern modelling methods

BAPS support the bondgraph-modelling by

The BAPS-compiler

Simple example: RC-swinger/spring-damping system


 bondgraph.gif (1944 Byte)



SE 1; 1 1 2 3; R 2; C 3;


CONSTANT tend=0.05, frequ=50, f=frequ*2*3.14, ampl=220;

EXTERN sin(1);

"termination condition"

TERMINATE t>=tend;

"element constants"

SE 1:     SE1=ampl*sin(t*f);

R 2:      R2=100;

C 3:     C3=0.0001;     q03=0; "initial charge"



BAPS is available on Windows- and Unix-plattforms for the simulation languages SIMUL_R™, ACSL™, Matlab™, Simulink™, Hybsys.

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