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BAPSDRAW is a graphical modelling tool for bondgraph systems.

BAPSDRAW allows for the structured and hierarchical description of bondgraph models.

BAPSDRAW is used for creating animation pictures based on SIMUL_R.

BAPSDRAW Modelling

By positioning predefined element symbols out of a library of graphical symbols the basic frame of a linear or a nonlinear bondgraph is drawn on the screen. The objects are linked by lines, which describe the bonds or signals.

The object libraries contain

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The graphical description of a model is compiled into a BAPS-model and then can be simulated using BAPS and a simulation language (e.g. SIMUL_R).


Hierarchical Modelling

The BLOCK-object enables hierarchical structured modelling. Therefore submodels can be separated and user specific bondgraph libraries can be created.

BAPSDRAW supports as well the multi-model-presentation of systems.

Using macros the user can assign user defined functions to his own objects.

Animation And Visualisation

BAPS allows for the usage of user-created objects. These objects are defined as pixel images with BAPSDRAW or other painting programs or scanners.

By that pictures for the animation of continuous and discrete systems can be created. The animation is done using SIMUL_R.

BAPSDRAW is available for MS-Windows and X-Windows (OSF-Motif).

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