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Profiledepth, flowing direction, mean of projected velocity


HIS'3D® , the environmental data management system, offers easy-to-use mechanisms for evaluating ADCP measurements - data from acustically measured water velocities.

After selecting the format the raw data file (e.g. in the Transect format) is imported into the database per drag-and-drop.

HIS'3D® works with any profile with an arbitrary number of base points.

The mean of the data values under one position point (ensemble) is computed. By integrating over the profile area the water amount is computed by HIS'3D® . Control plot

Available graphics:

All graphics are scalable and formatable (true to scale).

Isotachplots in the river ******querschnitt


Together with the isoline module HISoline of HIS'3D® isotach plots in the cross section of the river or along a base point path.

Presentations on Maps

The module HISarc of HIS'3D® offers the possibility to present flowing velocities from ADCP meaurements directly on maps (e.g. under ArcView).

Flow velocities on an ArcView map

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