pocket eHIS

  • The solution for environmental data and river profiles on site
  • for PDAs, handhelds, pocket PCs

pocket eHIS offers the possibility to access environmental and geodetic data from a central HIS'3D® database in the field - e.g. using cellular connections via GSM or GPRS. pocket eHIS writeable allows for data acquisition on site. Collected data is then transmitted to the central database.

Applications and Users:

  • operators, inspecting measurement stations
  • negotiations and proceedings in connection with new buildings and environmental measures
    You will never be angry again because of data you have forgotten in your office!
  • ship navigators, asking for current river ground information and water flow data being on their ship
  • querying meteorological data in the field for the public (sports events, farmers)

Querying a list of data (profiles, time curves), available at a group of measurement stations or positions.

Using GPS: getting information about the nearest measurement stations.

Position map of stations near to own position; information request by clicking the stations (optionally with legend).

Presentation of measurement data (e.g. coordinates of a profile) as plot ...

... and text; absolute or local coordinates.

measurement station data


  • Data values are stored in a HIS'3D® database (querying other databases is possible via a gateway).
  • An internet server with eHIS InterStore is installed (optionally inside the company).

  • Java, HTTP/HTML
  • PocketPC 2002; e.g. Compaq iPaq 3850
  • GSM/GPRS; optional: GPS
  • Java, Servlets, HTTP/HTML

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