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the chemistry module

HISchem contains extensions to HIS'3D® featuring many supporting and helpful methods for administrating and evaluating chemical values and parameters in a database.

Boundary values are organised in boundary value groups and are used for different evaluations:

  • Input: plausibility checks on values to be imported
  • Output: marking of boundary value violations according to groups of boundary values (e.g. drinking water codex) or classes (e.g. eluate classes)
boundary value and measurement value in one plot
  • Graphics: Presentation of boundary and measurement values

  • Station selection: selection of measurement stations with violations of upper or lower bounds

HIS'3D® And Quality Parameters

HIS'3D® offers a lot of features, which support the administration and evaluation of parameters for environmental quality (like water quality). The data model contains - among others - information on the laboratory, analysing method, conservation, preparation of probes.

Boundary value groups are used to store and define boundary values (out of laws or public prescriptions) and to evaluate them. For each parameter there is defined a boundary value or interval.

Statistics and regression methods support tests on values dependencies or dependencies of parameters.

Value report evaluations offer the possibility to run different methods on measured data. this is based on their common measurement point of time and date. Evalluation and classification functions can be defined interactively, using SIMUL_R+ or C-functions: Piper Diagram

Total evaluation delivers ratings and reports by evaluating all values of a whole measuring period at once; e.g.:

Total diagram
  • At which stations border value evaluations have occured?
  • When and where measurements have taken place?

Presentation on maps support the validation and readability of results (see as well module HISarc).

Multiparameter plots are plots of surfaces for analysing parameter dependencies: three parameters on three axis or two parameters and time.

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