the profile-editing-module

Profile: ground- and rear-view

In HIS'3D® all values are stored with coordinates - a full localization of data values! Coordinates are used in many applications: sediments, measurement in different river depths, sending hydrological values to GIS-models, etc.

HISprof offers a full-featured desktop for editing and administrating profiles.

HISprof deals with all kinds of profiles: length and cross profiles; river profiles, valleys or electricity line layouts.

cubature computation
  • numerical and graphical editing of profiles

  • presentation in horizontal and vertical projection
  • profile points legends
  • seriphs for subterranean areas
  • marker symbols
  • colour intensity plots (e.g. for river temperatures and flow velocities)
  • printing on plotters with plot optimization
  • printing to endless forms
  • export into the dxf-format
colour areas

Extension modules with relation to profiles:

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