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2015 01 08
HIS'3D now is a registered trademark within the European Union.
2009 09 29 his3dIserver displays Hydams data
Simutech implemented for Via-Donau (responsible for shipping on river Danube) an interface to Hydams (TM by Aquaplan). This is based on his3DIserver (see here) and the "Foreign Database Interfaces" of HIS'3D® . The user gets information on all hydrological data values of river Danube, stored in the Hydams database. The access is very easy-to-use. Some highlights:
  • Display as direct- or layout-graphic for printing
  • Export in ASCII or MS-Excel format
  • Statistics
  • PlotViewer: zoomable, interactive Viewer: value on time or value on value
  • Exceeding values - statistics
  • Special picture for controlling the hydrological data near to river power plants
  • Access via station-groups, tree-view, station-data
  • Mind-List: each data curve of every station can be combined which any other data-line - like buying in a web-shop!
  • Favorites: each request can be stored and directly recalled with a simple link
2008 05 19 his3dIserver: The web-service for HIS'3D® is available: HIS'3D® Iserver .
2004 09 01 ATPEDS: Simutech presents a comprehensive energy data system - ATPEDS. ATPEDS supports the administration and evaluation of plant data, as well as energy-, power- and commercial data. ATPEDS is a web application, developed with Oracle Application Server.
2003 04 29 Simutech presents the alarm and messaging system HISalarm. Using sms, e-mail and phone calls alarm messages (about boundary value violations, or the completion of tasks) are sent from a database to a user, as well as orders for working in the field. A graphical presentation on maps is possible, using GPS devices.
2003 04 02 The new field SMS and Messaging extends the services list of Simutech. Messaging is nowadays, with environmental alarm signals, like floods, but as well in the time of just-in-time delivery, an important necessity. This new area of Simutech develops general mobile phone applications, too, mainly implementing in Java.
2002 04 10The Internet Shop of Austrian Donautechnik, created using eHIS InterStore from now on presents current water level and temperature information of river danube in the area of Upper Austria. The measurement stations are symbolized using blue circles in the access map.
2002 03 11 pocket eHIS, the new product of Simutech, allows for an access to environmental data from PDAs and pocket PCs.
2001 12 12 The Österreichische Donautechnik GmbH presents the HomePage with the E-Commerce ProfileShop. Both have been developed and implemented by Simutech entwickelt and are now hosted by Simutech as an all-includive service.
2001 02 15 Simutech presents the new ADCP module of HIS'3D®, which is available as part of the profile module. Combined with the HISmap features it allows for extensive analysis and presentation of ADCP data values.
2000 09 26 HISchem, the chemics module of HIS'3D®, offers all features, for computing numerical and chemical analysis of environmental quality parameters.
2000 02 22 The 3D-module of HIS'3D® has been extended: working with ArcView, new features for isolines.
1999 03 22 The new list of events pesents some events, presentations and meetings of us and our partners!
1999 02 01 The BAPS- and BAPSDRAW -product infos are available!
1999 01 07 Simutech's website has been installed.

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